Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finding what you're looking for

Viva Las Vegas!

My Dad used to tell a story about two brothers leaving home. One was an optimist and the other a pessimist. They left by different paths and arrived at different times at the same gate leading into the same city. Outside the gate sat an old man who greeted each new comer and tried to help him find his way. When the first of the brothers arrived, the old man called out a greeting. The brother came closer and asked about the city beyond the gate. "What are you looking for?" the old man asked.
"A quite place with friendly people," responded the brother.
"You're in luck," said the old man. "This city is the friendliest place around. And for a large city, there are many neighborhoods that are peaceful."
The brother offered his thanks and went his way. Upon entering the city, he found exactly what the old man told him he would find.

Later that day, the other brother came to the same gate and was hailed by the same old man. When asked what he was looking for, the brother responded, "Well, I expect this city is like all others. Lots of crime and people just looking to get one over on me."
"Sadly young man, you have the right of it. This city is like all others. Be careful and watch your back." The brother entered the city and sadly found his prediction to be true. He was robbed within the first few hours.

My Dad usually told this story before we had to pack up and move to yet another state. This story helped me to develop a sense of adventure. Each new place offered a chance to meet new people, see new things! I developed a love of traveling.

This summer, with my sister, I started traveling again. In the past, we've talked and planned, but something always came up. This year, we were determined to do something just for us. When an invitation came to visit a friend in Vegas, we jumped at it.

For all I'd heard of Sin City-I loved it! Each day was too short to pack in all we wanted to see and do. Thankfully we had a guide who made sure we saw the best there was to see in the city and took us to other locations like a chocolate factory, Hoover Dam, and the Atomic Test Site Museum.

I'm full of awe and gratitude for the blessing of an open heart and the best of all Guides!
Sheep M 8/15/09


Queenmothermamaw said...

Whenever I talk about guilt, I saw I was raised a good Catholic girl. A friend of mine told me on day "Peggy Catholic girls don't have a monopoly on guilt." She was raised Baptist. I have learned to stop shouldaing on my self. Ever hear that term? It loses the fun when you shoulda on it.

Queenmothermamaw said...

oops put that on the wrong post.

Daisy said...

I believe this to be true too. You generally find what you are looking for. If you are looking for something to be happy about, it is usually there for you to find and the reverse is also true. Only we can change our attitude about the way we look at life. Nice post! :)