Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fiery trails and other hot spots

Well, for those of you who follow this rambling blog, it's been awhile since we've managed to post anything.  That usually means we are, collectively or individually,  walking through a hot spot. Not the first, and unfortunately not the last one for any of us. I can't speak for the other blind sheep, but it seems that once I decided to live my life in the 'blind' lane, choosing to listen to the voice of my shepherd and not the voice of the world- things have gotten a bit...warm!

I'm at the point of envying those Biblical friends who were in the furnace. They at least knew the size of their container and that the only options were going up in flames (rather quickly from the description of what happened to the guards) or being rescued. 

I seem to be on a path, surrounded by flames. Blindness keeps me from knowing how long this fiery path extends or the actual size and shape of the flames. I may be blind but I can feel the warmth, smell the singed wool, and know that unless I listen carefully to the voice leading me forward, I don't stand a chance! 

Trying to figure out an escape route or how to put out the flames isn't an option any longer. Trust is the only way.  My blindness is actually my saving grace!  Because I can't see, I can't make the situation worse or better. I can't control, can't pretend to be my own savior.  I must remain weak and trusting. 

My Shepherd holds my future in His loving hands. He knows the trials I must face, not to punish me, but to make me stronger. Not physically, but spiritually.  Every fiery trial is a time of refining.  More of the ego is burned away. The dross is brought to the surface and cleared away. 

I'm not ready to throw a party or anything, but I am learning, in the midst of the flames, to 'Count it all joy."  

Sheep M  3/31/09