Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's a Sheep to Believe?

It doesn’t matter what we believe! What matters is who we are… or better yet… whose we are. We are who we are. At 2 years old I was Sheep S, at 8 I was Sheep S, at 13 I was Sheep S, at 21 I was Sheep S and at 50-something… well… I’m still Sheep S! I am who I am regardless of what I believe.

We tend to believe what we have seen, heard and experienced. The old world believed the earth was flat… was it… no. Did their mistaken ‘worldview’ make them bad people… no, of course not? They were still moms, dads, brothers, sisters, readers, writers, sheep, Johns, Carols, and Pams… they were still just people. Were they any less inhabitants of this round non-flat earth… no!

Many people today don’t believe God is good. Does this make them bad people? Does it change who they really are? Their mistaken ‘worldview’ or what they believe about God does not change the fact that they are a part of God… a good God… who loves them unconditionally.

Though they have not seen or heard or experienced the circumference of His goodness they still LIVE within it!

The people of times past could not grasp or imagine living on a world that was round. It made no sense. If the world were round it would fall apart… people would fall off, oceans and mountains would be sucked into the sky.

They could not comprehend… with their minds… until they saw it, felt it, heard it, experienced it and talked about it with others who had done the same.

It is no different today. We cannot comprehend a God who loves all, is in all and redeems all. It makes no sense. Our minds can’t grasp it and it would cause our religious worlds to fall apart. Yet as we hear it and see it and experience it… and hear it from others who are experiencing it… we begin to believe.

We are all a part of each other. We are all on the same journey… the journey of hearing and seeing and knowing that God is good, God is love, God never fails, and God always redeems and wins back all that is His.

All that is… all that was spoken into existence… all that has life breathed into it… is His.

He is already in us; He’s already in the trees, the rocks, the plants, the sea, the air and the animals. Red, yellow, black, white, brown, Australian, Chinese, Iraqi, Muslim, atheist, and yes… even Christians… we are all one… all a part of each other… all connected thru God’s DNA.

If we don’t believe… does it leave us out? Did the people of the 1400’s still live on the earth even though they didn’t believe it was round? Were they still a part even though they believed a lie? The answer is yes!

So stop worrying so much about what people believe and let’s focus on who they are. Let’s focus on the FACT that we are a part of each other. We are connected. We are a part of the same body. We are one!

So the next time you meet someone… drop all the stereotypes and see them as God see them.
How does God see them?
Just like He sees you
He sees a part of Him that He loves & needs & desires to enjoy.
He sees a part of Him that He can’t… and won’t… live without!

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