Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blind Sheep's New Lenses-part two

As a general principle, I don't like sequels. They rarely measure up to the first installment. That being said, since the last post, I've indulged in two of my holiday past-times. I've re-read Charles Dickens and re-watched "It's a Wonderful Life".

I love these two treats during the holiday season. December is the only month I allow myself to read/watch them. I confess, that they are as much a part of my holiday traditions as the tree, home baked goodies and all the rest.

Here in the south, winter can mean cold and rain. Snow is a rarity and definitely an out of doors occasion. We had rain this week. So I pulled out my copy of "A Christmas Carol" and snuggled in as I lost myself in the beautiful, old fashioned story. Tiny Tim's, "God Bless us, everyone," reminded me of my last post. Hence the part 2 I'm about to indulge in.

Seen through a blind sheep's new lens, Scrooge and George Bailey aren't all that different. On the surface, the men are completely different. One is self sacrificing, the other is self absorbed. Yet neither is completely free to be who they really are, who they were created to be. Both need a little help from above to show them how special and important they are. One gets an angel. Oh how I love Clarence! (Ring a ding! Another set of wings for an angel!) One gets three ghosts. I wonder if that's because his heart was so hardened by the burdens and pains of life that his need was greater?

In the end, both are shown their own importance. That in the big and small ways, their lives have touched so many, impacted the way others live their lives. Their lives, their stories need them. Fully alive to themselves and those around them.

This holiday season, make time to be with those you love. Recognize the blessing of loved ones. Honor those who have impacted your life. And ring a bell or two for Clarence!-Sheep M 12-11-08

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Wonderful! Who but a blind sheep could see that George and Scrooge are the same! And too little do we think of the pain there must have been to put Scrooge where he was.