Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tea Time

Faithful are the words of a friend

Yesterday I spent the day with my best friend. She and I have known each other forever, it seems. In fact it's only been about 16 years, but we just 'click' in the way true friends do.

It doesn't happen as often as we'd like, but when our schedules mesh and we have time, we plan a marathon tea party. We've been known to start in the morning and talk our way through to supper time or beyond. We've learned over the years to clear our day and just relax in the warmth of our friendship. We just slow down and unwind in each other's presence.

There is no topic that is off limits. We don't judge each other or try to fix the other's problems. We listen and share and when the cups are empty and the pot's run dry (if we don't rush to make more) we both leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the mantel of our lives again.

Yesterday, my friend asked me what I'm doing for me. Such a simple question. Or so it seemed. I think I answered with a simplistic answer and the tide of conversation flowed on. Writing in my journal that night, I revisited the question and realized how deep that question went.

As women, we rarely DO for ourselves. We DO for children, family, parents, spouse, friends, organizations, churches, but for ourselves? I don't know about you, but my day is full of children, work, housework, and then bed. To get up the next day and start again. My tea party with my friend is one of the few times I put away all the 'shoulds' and 'havetos' and just relax, knowing that this time is special.

I began this year with a resolution to do more for myself. To count myself as worthy as every other project and person in my life that I do for. Yet here it is Sept and I've let that resolution slip by. Well, thankfully, I have a friend who cares enough to remind me that I'm important. Not just in our tea time together, but every day.

So I begin again- to work into each day, some activity that is just for me. Whether it's blogging or drawing or writing or reading or sewing-I have a lot of interests so it shouldn't be that difficult. Making the time to do it, well that's another issues all together.
Sheep M 9/6/09


Anonymous said...

Hello M. How precious a friend is. It is a gift from God to have one good friend. My best friend is younger than I and still in the work force. It is so hard to find time for us to be together. We do it though. It is seems that folks who work are being asked to do more and get paid less all the time. One just feels lucky to have a job. I enjoyed your post, good for reflection material. Blessings

YayaOrchid said...

How true about women not feeling worthy of doing for ourselves special things. Well, I do visit blogs, and that's very enjoyable for me, so I guess I do at least that. :)

Daisy said...

Friends are a true blessing and gift we are given. Finding time to do for ourselves is a challenge, isn't it. It is important to do though. Your friend is precious indeed to remind you of that.

glorv1 said...

When you blog, you are doing something for yourself. That's the way I feel. I feel I've accomplished something when I post something on my blog or really I call it my journal.