Friday, June 19, 2009

Sheep M's sunflowers

The sunflowers are in bloom in my garden! They were lovingly planted 3 years ago by a dear friend when I was staying in the hospital with my son.  I've let that patch to go wild-more like am overwhelmed with all that tasks that fall to my lot now to micromanage this one spot of beauty.
The sunflower has long been one of my favorite flowers. It's beautiful and useful, but perhaps the most wonderful thing about it is the reminder to always follow the light. 
Each of us have and will continue to experience dark days. Days that make no sense in any rational way. Days that must be walked through with hope and faith.  The sunflower, despite the circumstances, follows the track of the sun throughout the day. 

A recent sermon sparked an inner discussion. The sermon was about opening a can of worms (wonderful lesson!) In the sermon, the preacher alluded to the myth of Pandora and her box.  The details he shared are fairly common-curious female given box by the gods and told not to open. Well, she did exactly as expected and opened the box.  Now there is a bit of discussion as to what the box contained. One version has it that she released on the world all the current woes. Another that she released all the good things that make life worthwhile, thus leaving mortals with all the woes without all the blessings. 
In either version, she manages to hold onto only one thing-HOPE.  Hope that there is more. More of whatever it is that makes each of us take that next step, take the risk, endure the present trouble.  
So, my inner discussion? What is hope? 
I suppose there are many answers to this question, each based on individual experiences. Oh the stories we could tell! 
What it comes down to for me: hope is an uncontrollable element, unlike the other things released from Pandora's box. I can't produce it or manipulate it.  Hope is a gift from God, given to me to lighten the dark moments of my days. Giving evidence that what I can see isn't all there is. In my loneliness, I am not alone.  There is always light, expressed in a multitude of ways and through many means. 
And so we return to sunflowers- a beautiful gift from a generous heart. 
Sheep M 6/19/09


Queenmothermamaw said...

Sheep M, not as blind as one may think. That was a wonderful reflection for me since I am in the middle of the "rainy season' of which there is none in Ky., but for this year. Very profound blind sheep.If we all keep on digging for the truth, none will be blind. Thanks for the inspire. So we have C,V,M? Blessings

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes, M, I love the Sunflowers and the Worms (most of the time). C

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love the beautiful photos of your sunflowers. They are so lovely. Thanks for the encouraging words about hope. Yes, hope is indeed a gift from God. Blessings!

glorv1 said...

Hope is all we really have and of course sunflowers:))